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Books on the Spanish Civil War

I guess there are two types of book – those that are informative and give a good historical account of the events of the 2nd Republic and those books that are actually part of the events, maybe rare & expensive or just interesting. I have listed both types but this is very much what I like so if I missed anything important – tough!

General Books

The Spanish Civil War – Hugh Thomas – heavy going but the bible of the SCW
The Spanish Civil War – Anthony Beevor – excellent
The Civil War in Spain – Robert Goldston – easy to read
The Spanish Civil War – Paul Preston – good stuff
The Spanish Tragedy – Raymond Carr – bit boring
Durruti – Abel Paz - the only book on Durruti, bit sketchy on the war
Uniforms militares de la Guerra Civil Espanola – Jose M Bueno – in Spanish and English, good reference
The Spanish cockpit – Franz Borkenau – terrific eye witness
The Distant Drum – Philip Toynbee – interesting
Rebel, Esmond Romilly – Churchill’s nephew – fascinating
American Commander in Spain – Robert Merriman – mysterious
Spanish Journey – Halliday Sutherland – pro Franco – a total jerk...
The Spanish Civil War – Frank Graham – honest account – no fan of Laurie Lee or Ken Loach
Miners against Fascism – Hywel Francis – extremely detailed


Collectable books
Estampas de la Revolucion Espanola 19 Julio de 1936 – published by the CNT in 1936 – an inspired art book with paintings by SIM (rey vila) – fairly rare and certainly expensive
















All the Brave – Luis Quintanilla – drawings of the SCW – lovely art work, 1939.











The Life and Death of a Spanish Town – Elliot Paul – emotional account, 1937
Behind the Battle – TC Worsley – intellectual account of life as a Republican Ambulance driver, 1939
Britons in Spain – William Rust – British Battalion history - 1939
Wartime Mission in Spain 1942-45 – Hayes – fascinating impression of Spain just post war, 1945
Counter Attack in Spain – Ramon Sender – excellent account of the first days of the war, 1937
Reason in Revolt – Fred Copeman – last of the ‘real’ men? – 1948
The Clash – Arturo Barea – siege of Madrid, 1946
Hell Let Loose – Francis Beeding – adventure novel – pro Republican, almost, 1937
The Red Domination in Spain – Franco propaganda – horrific photos. 1960’s
General Milan Astray – in Spanish – a man madder than a box of frogs...  1960’s