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Shapayev v Marshal Tito

This is a lovely little mystery surrounding the International Brigade. In simple terms there are those that strongly maintain that Shapayev (a commander of Dimitrov battalion – See Campaign Orders) later became Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia – a larger than life figure in the fight against the Nazi’s and the only individual ever capable of holding the Balkan states together. On the other hand the official Tito history says he never went anywhere near Spain.
What does everybody seem to agree on? Josep Broz Tito was involved in the Spanish Civil War in as much as he organised volunteers (mostly Serbian & Balkan) to be sent to Spain – he was working for Comintern (Communist International action group). He stayed in Paris several times in the late 1930’s (his Comintern base) and used false identities (Swedish, Canadian & others) to move around Europe.



In the photograph above, taken from ‘Reason in Revolt’ Copeman (third from left) says Shapayev (fifth from left) went on to become Marshal Tito.

...I go by my own notes, since I no longer have the record, I did my best, explaining slowly and carefully, to make them understand that the Josip Broz in our records was not Tito, and that Tito had never been either to Spain or to France...To put together any kind of a reasonable story about Tito in 1943, with the scraps and fragments of information available to me, was nigh unto impossible.
Conclusion – There isn’t one! The controversy continues...