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Third Reich

With justification Hitler & the Nazis are now seen as something distasteful and unpalatable.  Ebay have very strict rules on what Nazi artefacts you can sell and even what words you use. Some of the large auction houses refuse to list Third Reich items
I have some difficulty with this.
You can’t erase a period of history by refusing to admit it existed. Surely this is making Hitler something special? In the same way here in Spain there is a process of removing all of Franco’s statures from public display and renaming streets that have any connection with Francoism (this is ironical because this is exactly what Franco did to Republican place names in 1939!) So in my view I do not differentiate between the historical items of the Nazis, the Fascist Falangists, the Spanish anarchists or the Republicans – they are all part of history. I do however draw a line at anything that is obviously promoting racism or bigotry.

Spain has a pretty big historical link with Germany. In the late 1920’s and the 1930’s a great many German socialists, communists and trade unionists flocked to Spain to escape the rise of Hitler and the purge of the democrats. In 1936 many volunteered for the International Brigade – by the end of the war the German Thaelman Brigade was virtually wiped out. At the same time the Condor Legion fought on the side of Franco’s Nationalists. Post WW2 many Germans quietly came to live in Spain.

So it should be no surprise to find that as these WW2 German veterans die a flood of Nazi items comes out into the open. Even without trying several items have come my way, all of which I view as historically important. They are all for sale!P1010010.JPGADOLF HITLER -  Christmas Card - Tarjeta de Navidad  - December 1943 – 2 items

On Adolf Hitler stationary card 21 x 14 cms with gold Chancellery crest and signature
EACH READS - Herzliche Gluckwunsche fur das Weihnachtsfest und zum Fahreswechsel
(Felíz Navidad y Nuevo año or Best wishes for Christmas and a happy New Year)

These are extremely rare cards from the office of the German chancellery in December 1943.  The documents are original and consistent with the Christmas cards sent out by Hitler during this period. I know of two other similar examples from the 1930’s which were sold at auction for a lot of money.
The signatures are genuine and in ink. These are NOT facsimiles (it was common for Hitler’s office to over print documents), each signature is very slightly different. 
I do not know of any other example of a Hitler 1943 card. Please let me know if one exists.


GROSSADMIRAL DONITZ - Tarjeta de Navidad - Christmas Card

Another extremely rare card from the office of Admiral Donitz who became German head of state in 1945. (Appointed Grossadmiral 30/01/1943)
READS - Dank fűr die guten Wunsche zum Weihachtsfest und zum neuen jahr und erwidert sie herzlich










(‘Sincere best wishes for the festivities and the new year’ or’ Felíz Navidad y Nuevo año’
From the office of the Oberbefehlshaber der Kriegsmarine (ObdM) the card (21 x 16 cms) is signed Donitz in ink and has the flag of a GrossAdmiral in the top left hand corner.. The card is in a display folder. There is no date but I suspect it is from Christmas 1943.
From the collection of a British Soldier.
On 30 April 1945, Hitler committed suicide and Goebbels followed suit a day later. In his last testament, Hitler surprisingly designated Dönitz his successor as Head of State (Staatsoberhaupt), expelling both Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler from the Nazi Party. Significantly, Dönitz was not to become Führer, but rather President (Reichspräsident), a post Hitler had abolished years earlier.



This is an extremely rare (again!) card from the office of Dr Goebbels who was Propaganda minister in the Nazi government. (Appointed Der Reichminister Fur Volksaufklärung und Propaganda in 1933)
READS - Der Reichminister Fur  Volksaufklärung und Propaganda, Dr Goebbels bittet zu einem Frühstück am Dienstag, dem 28, september 1937, 13 uhr.
In den Festsaal des Reichsministeriums für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda, Berlin W8, Wilhelmplatz & um antwort auf beigefügter karte bis zum 25, september 1937 wird gebeten.P1010012.JPG
(‘Dr Goebbels invites you to a 1pm breakfast meeting on the 28th September1937 at the ministry of propaganda & enlightenment & please reply by September 25th’.)
From the office of Der Reichminister Fur  Volksaufklärung und Propaganda  the card (21 x 16 cms) is signed Goebbels in ink.
From the collection of a British Soldier.




VON DEUTSCHER ART, UND DEUTSCHER TAT , Das Buch Der Hitlerjugend'   (German ways and German acts – the book of the Hitler youth)

P1010002.JPGPublished in 1933. Author Kunstmaler, Albert Reich. Publisher Central Verlag, Munich.
With an Inscription in German 1940.

This book is the history of the German nation from a militaristic Nazi viewpoint. Strong on moulding history to suit Hitler's view of the world.

From the political point of view it is hard to take, from an artistic point of view it is uncomfortably breathtaking. Excellent condition (probably unique in this condition). Many colour plates including Hitler & Nazi rallies. 
168 pages with many many illustrations. Not to everyones taste but an example of propaganda at its most warped.



P1010001.JPGDeutschland Erwacht Werden, Kampf Und Sieg Der NSDAP - German Cigarette Card Album.

Published by Herausgegeben Vom cigaretten/Bilderdienst. 1933#





Not particularly rare as they were made in thousands if not millions. This is in fact a cigarette ‘card’ album rather like those made in the UK but not a regular size – much bigger and with black & white and colour photographic images. With detailed text and drawings.

A history of the NADAP Nazi party from its earliest days








Adolf Hitler – Bilder Aus Dem Leben Des Fuhrers - German Cigarette Card Album.

Published by Herausgegeben Vom cigaretten/Bilderdienst. 1936


Now becoming rare because of the contentious contents. This is in fact a cigarette ‘card’ album rather like those made in the UK but not a regular size – much bigger and with black & white and colour photographic images. With detailed text and drawings.  132 pages.









Nazi Wine Flask


Fascinating item from the mid 1930’s. Marked DDAC  - GAU SAAR-PFALZ with a swastika. The Der Deutsche Automobil-Club (D.D.A.C) was formed in 1933 and like everything in Germany at that time was created with a political purpose – many say to assist in transporting Nazi supporters to rallies.  The GAU SAAR-PFALZ is a reference to the merging of Rheinpfalz and Saar in 1935. In 1941 the area became Westmark. So it is fair to say the jug was made some time around 1935.

Very rare to find stoneware in such excellent condition. Nothing similar on the market as far as I can see. Signed underneath by the potter – Ernst DUISSLER – HOHR.

Höhr-Grenzhausen is a town in the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is a centre for the ceramic industry in the Kannenbäckerland with a professional college for ceramics, another for ceramic form, and many others, hence the nickname Kannenbäckerstadt (roughly, “Jug Baking Town”).  Wikipedia.

Unique opportunity Offers invited.